Ceramic Restorations


Veneers are thin enamel like restorations placed on the anterior teeth for creating beautiful smiles. These are non invasive or minimally invasive options that have proved to be very popular with many patients and celebrities.

Composite Veneers

These are non invasive tooth coloured resin restorations applied to teeth to improve the aesthetics of the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

Extremely life like tooth coloured restorations used for smile makeovers and dental corrections. These restorations require some tooth preparation but provide far better aesthetics and durability.

Veneers can be used for:

  • Reshaping/ Recontouring teeth
  • Rebuilding teeth following trauma
  • Closing gaps between teeth 
  • Tooth wear cases
  • Used to disguise discoloured teeth 
  • Smile Makeovers

White Fillings

There is now a shift away from using silver amalgam fillings for teeth. Newer dental materials and techniques have allowed for life like restorations to be possible on teeth that can last a very long time. Dental fillings in tooth coloured material can be done in one or two visits.

One visit white fillings

This consists of a white dental composite resin which is gradually layered onto a prepared tooth surface to replicate the natural colour and anatomy of the tooth.

With the dentist’s skill and attention to detail you can create extremely attractive white restorations that bond to the teeth and look just like a normal tooth.

Two visit white fillings

For teeth with extensive damage and need of extra protection indirect fillings can be created in the lab and cemented onto the tooth. These restorations can be Inlay/Onlays or Crowns and can be made in white ceramic material. Such restorations are stronger and more durable with better colour stability and aesthetics. We now usually take 3D digital scans using the iTero scanner, instead of the conventional dental impression materials to achieve extremely accurate fitting restorations.


Dental crowns are full coverage restorations for teeth with compromised tooth structure, following failed restorations, extensive tooth decay, following trauma or root canal treatment.
Crowns can be made as full ceramic or porcelain bonded to metal crowns.

We offer Emax and Zirconia for great aesthetics and strength.

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